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Together we are taking action to fight inequality

People’s solutions are #BETTERTHANDAVOS

23-30 JANUARY 2021

This coming January, people on the frontlines of inequality will be mobilising around the world to ensure the ‘recovery’ from Covid-19.

From Nairobi to Manila, Cape Town to Guadalajara, and many other cities, people powered protests will demand an end to the age of greed and put forward their solutions for a more equal society.

Global Protest to #FightInequality 2020. We did this. But in 2021, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to protest safely, but make it louder, with even more people power!

This year the pandemic did not just lay bare, but supercharged the inequality virus that plagues our societies. We are organising to change a system that treats people not as humans who have the right to a life of dignity, but as disposable objects, and abuses the planet far beyond its capacity.


But people on the frontlines of inequality know better than to listen to billionaire solutions to a broken system. In January, we will say that the people’s solutions - our solutions - are #BetterThanDavos.

As we enter 2021, the annual face to face meeting of the 1% on the Swiss mountain resort in Davos is postponed and has moved online. Even the World Economic Forum is calling for “The Great Reset of Capitalism”. The 1% know that neoliberalism has failed people and the planet.

As governments and international institutions debate what the economic ‘recovery’ looks like to the pandemic, we cannot continue the cruelty of the current system. A system where billionaire wealth continues to explode, whilst billions struggle to survive.

More than ever, people will come together in one massive movement during the Global Protest to Fight Inequality all across the world to move ahead with solutions that work for the 99%. We, people at the frontlines of inequality, are cancelling Davos.

We are pushing for a PEOPLE’S RECOVERY PLAN. This must include:

Together we are taking action to fight inequality
  • A People’s Vaccine that is available to all and not determined by what passport someone holds, and does not make huge profits for pharmaceutical companies.
  • An end to austerity measures governments and international institutions force on economies
  • Universal public services, including health, water and education
  • Universal basic income and global social protection systems
  • Cancellation of all unpayable external debt for countries in need
  • Wealth taxes so the richest pay their fair share for the costs of the crisis, and an end to industrial levels of tax dodging
  • Recognition, redistribution and reward of the billions of hours of care work, unpaid and paid done by women, that keeps economies going.
  • Climate justice and a just transition. The richest 10% cause more than 50% of consumption pollution. Governments need to make them pay for a just green new deal.