The Fight Inequality Alliance is holding its Global Gathering in Kathmandu, Nepl from 3-5 July 2023.

As an Alliance we will be coming together for a physical gathering at a critical juncture as a movement - multiple crises mean inequality is deepening, but at the same time our people-powered movement continues to grow around the world.

We are gathering because it is a critical time to come together as an Alliance as we continue to counter the many systemic and interlinked inequality struggles we face across the world, and take better collective steps to counter the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few. We will come together as a movement to energise and recharge, share and learn from each other and plan together as we chart our path for the next stages in our fight against inequality.

Where is the Gathering?

The Global Gathering will be held in kathmandu where we will be hosted locally by Fight Inequality Alliance. We will be convening at the National Electricity Authority Training Centre. We will be joined by local activists who are fighting inequality in the country and will also use one of the days of the gathering to join local women's rights group who have be central to our organinsing in the country.  

Format for the Gathering

The Gathering will be a hybrid model where members can join both physically and virtually. This means that those who are not able to attend the physical gathering are able to be part of the Gathering virtually.

Who should come?

The Global Gathering will bring together existing members, those involved in convening/leading national and regional alliances, existing networks, new organisations, artists/musicians, social movement leaders and friends who are part of our movement from a wide range of countries.

All members of the Fight Inequality Alliance can register to attend. However, due to a limited budget for the Global Gathering, we ask for attendees to be self-funded as far as possible. A small number of places are able to be supported from the Gathering’s central budget. Preference will given to those who are:

  1. Part of the Alliance and engaged actively with Fight Inequality Alliance in their country/region/globally
  2. Must be a steering group member from national regional or global groups of the Alliance. If there isn't a national alliance in your country - must be mobilising and organising nationally on inequalities in your country as part of Fight Inequality Alliance
  3. Participants per country or organisation must be at least 50% female, and social movement and youth participants will be prioritised
  4. Vaccinated for Covid-19 unless you have a medical exemption
  5. If you arrive in Nepal from a country with a risk of yellow fever infection,  then you may need a yellow fever certificate. The vaccination from yellow fever must be obtained at least 10 days prior to your travel.
  6. See here for vaccination requirements to enter Nepal
  7. Participants are responsible for determining visa requirements to enter Nepal. (See here)  

Due to a limited budget we are looking for participants to be self-funding (flights, accommodation, transfer, etc). Please do not register unless you are able to cover your costs, unless you have spoken to the Global Secretariat. At most one or two people can be supported from the central budget for the Global Gathering per country, so to manage everyone’s expectation it will not be possible for all members who meet the above criteria to be supported.  

Members and allies who are not able to be supported either from self-funding or Global Secretariat funds to physically attend can join the Gathering virtually.  

If your organisation can contribute funds to the central budget for the Global Gathering, or directly fund the participation of grassroots activists within Fight Inequality Alliance to attend, please contact