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Planning guidelines

Guide for partners organising Festival Sessions at the Festival to Fight Inequality

Thank you for agreeing to be a part of this one of a kind Festival to Fight Inequality and agreeing to contribute to this collective effort. 

You have the opportunity to organise a Session that could have hundreds of anti-inequality activists joining in from Kenya to Lebanon, from Zimbabwe to Bangladesh, from Denmark to Chile. The majority of people participating will be part of frontline movements fighting inequality across the alliance’s membership and beyond.

What are the Festival Sessions?

The vision for them is to have spaces organised by the inequality movement for us to share and connect with each other in interactive and creative ways. They will be on topics proposed, and organised by Festival partners, and the wider Fight Inequality Alliance membership. With your Session, aim to generate genuine discussion and engagement, or give people a new experience rather than replicate more ‘broadcast’ or ‘panel’ formats we see in conference after conference. People are ‘zoomed out’ - make it interactive and fresh. 

The Festival Sessions should be interactive, discussing movement stories, skills building, culture and the arts, selfcare and collective care, and other topics critical to building the fight against inequality. Below are key things to keep in mind as you put together your Session proposal. 

Top tips for preparing your Festival Session

Connect. Make sure your Festival Session will connect with the largest number of people possible and give them something great to participate in, something to share and learn from, and an experience they will remember.

Choose a Catchy Title. There will be multiple Festival Sessions running in parallel during all the Session slots. So, give your session an interesting and catchy title that will make people want to join.

Be Creative. The Festival to Fight Inequality seeks to inspire. Be creative with how you deliver your Session. 

Use Time Wisely. Each Festival Session lasts for 55 minutes in total. 

Define an Objective. Be clear on what your participants will take away from the discussion

Engage. Use different learning approaches to keep participants engaged throughout the Session

Center Diversity. Make sure your Festival Session is as diverse and inclusive as possible - with the diversity of the speakers, artists, trainers for example. We live our values as an Alliance in these Festival Sessions too.

Session example (just a reference, again, be creative):
My organisation will “seat” together a young influencer and a historic reference of the workers’ union to discuss the bridges between all struggles and new activism.
Since we only have 55 minutes, it will be more like a “talk show”. A member of the organisation will be the host and trigger the conversation, asking short and provocative questions to our guests.
The session will also be an interactive conversation, the audience will be able to send questions in advance to [this email] or ask during the event.
We have also agreed with the young influencer that comments will go live on social media, so three volunteers will be tweeting live during the session and encouraging further conversations (as well as collecting questions /comments) on social media channels.
We have 3 T-shirts to give to attendees (based on the same country) whose Ideas / comments are mentioned or discussed during the session.
After the session, the young influencer agreed to make a 1 min remarks video on both the common ground and new ways for inequality activism through her social media accounts.
We will encourage all participants to use the Festival’s Hashtag to comment over the session.

Festival Session logistics

Festival participants who have registered a week prior to the Festival will receive information on the Sessions shared by the Session organisers. This should include the title, a brief description, speakers who will lead the discussion as well as moderators - where applicable. 

Participants sign up for the Festival Sessions and will be asked to indicate language needs so we can organise translation. 


Time slots to run your session will be allocated after we have received all the applications. 

Instructions to the partners 

Don't default to running a panel. People learn and are engaged and captivated in different ways. You are connecting with people in many different countries, watching at home or at a screening, and connecting through translators. It’s important we tell each other memorable stories and exchange in creative ways in the Festival across national boundaries.

Festival Session ideas:

  • Co-create a tactic or plan - what better way to learn a new skill or approach 
  • Talk show format: Participants are ‘interviewed’ by a moderator 
  • Conversational presentation amongst presenters
  • Artists ‘perform’ their presentation (poem, spoken word, music etc)
  • Start or close your session with a song, poem or creative action

Below are some examples of topics we have received so far

  • Guided meditation 
  • Experiences from 4 countries on campaigning for budgets to fight inequality 
  • Beautiful trouble: Tactics on how to win our struggles to fight inequality
  • Hip hop to fight inequality 

Dates to submit proposals for Festival Sessions

You have until 23 July to submit your Festival Session proposals. Upon registration of your Session more information will be sent to you on how to use the hosting platform in order to help you prepare. We will also be available to support session hosts with tutorials and dry runs ahead of the Festival. 

For more information contact

Planning guidelines for the partners hosting Festival Sessions at the Festival to Fight Inequality (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic) Download 191KB pdf