What is the Fight Inequality Alliance?

The Fight Inequality Alliance is a growing group of leading international and national non-profit organisations, human rights campaigners, women’s rights groups, environmental groups, faith-based organisations, trade unions, social movements and other civil society organisations that have come together to fight the growing crisis of inequality.
They are building a global movement to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite and achieve a just, equal and sustainable world.
The alliance is built from and supports the ongoing work of affected communities, activists and existing movements, responding to the local realities of the inequalities people are experiencing. The Alliance is action orientated. The fight against inequality will be won by deepening people’s collective power, practical actions that challenge and change the status quo and shift power. At its core are national alliances, the key driver of change, supported by regional and international solidarity and action.
Around the world, ordinary people are already fighting back

- from women garment workers in Bangladeshi factories fighting for the living wage; to youth activists in Zambia fighting for mining companies to pay their fair share of tax that funds public schools and health clinics; to indigenous communities fighting to prevent fossil fuel companies destroying their land.

The Fight Inequality Alliance is bring together activists like these, building a powerful network and capacity to fight for transformational social and economic changes to tackle inequality globally and in countries across the world. A list of some of the groups that have taken part in some of the Fight Inequality Alliance activities is here.

Through an inclusive consultation process, the Alliance has built a Shared Vision of what the Alliance seeks to achieve. The Fight Inequality Alliance has also produced brief notes to summarise our shared journey so far and the journey ahead, and our funding plan. The structure and governance of the Alliance is decided collectively, based on the principles of diversity, inclusion and shared values. Steering group elections will take place this year.

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What can I do?

You can help the Fight Inequality Alliance grow as a powerful, articulate, diverse and exciting collective force for change across the world. You can get involved in the following ways:

  • Sign up to receive updates on events and news about the Fight Inequality Alliance.
  • Join the conversation by following #fightinequality on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Connect with the national alliance in your country by emailing info@fightinequality.org
  • Join together to take action during the Global Week of Action to Fight Inequality each January and in the national events organised by the national alliance in your country.
The contents of this website were developed by the Fight Inequality Alliance. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect the positions of all individual members.
We have come together in the Fight Inequality Alliance because only together can we win this fight. Please join with us.
Read more about our shared vision our vision