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We’ve come together in the Fight Inequality Alliance -
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We represent social movements, NGOs and trade unions. We are deeply concerned about the impact of current shocking levels of inequality, and inspired by people’s collective struggles to build a more equal, more sustainable world.

Rising inequality is hurting us all - holding up poverty reduction, harming the environment, hurting the economy, destabilising society, and undermining democracy.

Experts and international institutions now recognise that inequality must be tackled. And every government has pledged to reduce inequality within and between countries. But in practice not much progress is happening and in many countries we are even going backwards. When it comes to action they are still reaching for the same old failed solutions.

Only when people join together from the grassroots up, mobilising and organising to build power and demand accountability and greater equality, will things change.


Over 200 groups have got involved in the activities of the Fight Inequality Alliance.

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Real change starts when people find their power - together. Watch our video

Over 200 groups have come together in the alliance. Together we are helping to build up people’s power and connect across organisations and borders to enable a more equal world. We are helping to build up national coalitions of the Fight Inequality Alliance to bring change at country level and connecting groups internationally for solidarity, learning and support.

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We have come together in the Fight Inequality Alliance because only together can we win this fight. Please join with us.