We are a growing global movement organising and mobilising to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite. We are building a just, equal and sustainable world.

We unite a wide range of social movements, grassroots and community based organisations, civil society organisations, trade unions, artists and individual activists from across the world who share a vision and purpose in fighting the structural causes of inequality together.

We will achieve this by building people power from the grassroots to the global and acting together to create systemic change.

We are mobilising in over 35 countries across the world. We build the strength of our national alliances. We leverage our collective voice and demands nationally, regionally and globally so that the demands and actions of people on the frontlines of inequality are driving change.

How we work

People on the frontlines of inequality are at the centre of our organising for change, and drive our strategy and actions. We have a growing and diverse membership across the world of people, movements and organisations uniting to take action together to fight inequality. Activists and member organisations power our collective fight against inequality.

Globally, regionally and nationally the Alliance is led by Steering Groups. They are representative groups of the members of the Fight Inequality Alliance, committed to advancing the development of the Alliance in the strategic period it serves for. They serve as the primary platform for discussions and decision making on policy, political positions and strategy. As the Fight Inequality Alliance is forming chapters in over 30 countries globally, many now have Steering Groups to lead the collective work alongside a wider membership base.

The Alliance has a small global secretariat which coordinates the global level action and supports the regional and national alliances. National and regional chapters also have Coordinators and Interns to coordinate, organise and catalyse the collective work in those countries with the membership.

Our fight against inequality is a fight for a just equal and sustainable world.

Read the founding vision of the Fight Inequality Alliance