Fight Inequality Alliance’s new 10 year roadmap celebrates the achievements of the founding years of the movement and shares the road ahead for the movement to win our struggles in the coming decade.

Read the full FIA 10 year roadmap here

The Fight Inequality Alliance started in 2016 with a clear mission: to bring together a growing global movement to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite. Seven years later we have grown from small beginnings to a movement of tens of thousands across the globe, with many powerful achievements to build on.

Now, in 2024 the movement is at a turning point. Around the world inequalities of power, wealth, gender, race, class, caste and identity are increasing with devastating consequences for all but the very richest. This is a rallying call for our movement, to achieve the change we seek we need to scale-up over the coming decade to become the biggest movement yet challenging the power of the 1 percent.

Our new 10 year roadmap will shape and direct the work of the movement over the coming decade

As we fight for changes on the inequality issues that are affecting our members and societies across the globe, we also need to build alternatives - a blueprint for the economic system that replaces neoliberalism, built by the people most affected.

To meet this challenge, in 2023 we agreed on a new 10 year roadmap – which lays out our ambition and our strategy to galvanise mass mobilising and organising across the world. This will be accompanied by political education on the structural causes of inequality and organising skills.

Our 10 year vision

The next decade is a critical time for the system that replaces neoliberalism to be defined and fought for. Whilst we organise at a larger scale to change the inequalities pressing on the daily lives of people living on the frontlines of inequality, we will also build people powered alternatives to the current system. By 2033, we will:

  • Build strong national movements to fight inequality in 60 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean that are connected globally
  • Contribute to changing systems and the introduction of inequality fighting policies by mobilising 50 million people from the grassroots to redefine what happens in the corridors of power across the world

By 2033 Fight Inequality Alliance will have created the most powerful global movement of people against the power of the top 1% in the world yet. This movement will have created the blueprint for an economic model that is built from equality, dignity, justice and sustainability for all people and planet.

Read the full FIA 10 year roadmap for more on:

  • External context
  • What is the role of the alliance in fighting inequality?
  • The movement building journey so far
  • Stories of change from our movement’s history
  • Big struggles we have overcome in the last 7 years
  • The road ahead for the next 10 years
    1. Ten year vision
    2. 3 year mid-term outcomes
    3. Year 1 outcomes
    4. Key foundations for success


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