By: Roberto Rivera, Member of Fight Inequality Alliance Mexico

On 18 January 2024, Mexico will join the protests against social and economic inequality; many may ask why are they protesting against inequality, do they want them to take away what little we have so that we are all equally poor? Others will say that the protestors hold  social resentment. Let's start from the idea that they are right: we are resentful. So the question that really matters is: why are we resentful?

Let's Look at the Facts

Mexico is one of the 15 largest economies in the world[1], there are 14 people with wealth in excess of a billion dollars, of whom 10 are on the list of the world's 1,000 largest public fortunes[2]. At the same time, nearly 94 million people in Mexico are in a vulnerable situation or in poverty; 23 million people do not even have access to healthy food[3]. For 37% of workers, their salary is not enough to cover their basic needs[4], among other problems such as pensions for the elderly, access to housing, access to clean drinking water, few public spaces, poor working conditions, lack of free time and the list goes on.

People are Angry for a Reason

So, you can see that there are many reasons why people might be angry with the social systems and also that the problem is not with individual differences, but with those BIG INEQUALITIES where 1% of the population has so much money that they could not spend it all in a lifetime while 72% of Mexicans live in precarious conditions.

This same pattern of inequalities is repeated in all countries. Globally, it is estimated that the richest 10% concentrate 72% of the share of net personal wealth. In the most equitable countries, this share falls to 50%[5]. I don't know if anyone reading this agrees, but it seems to me reason enough for a worldwide mobilisation against GREAT INEQUALITIES.

New Solutions to an Old Problem

Protests against inequality are not new in Mexico or in the world. Years ago, the media called those who opposed the neoliberal model of globalisation globalophobes. This name was not chosen lightly, it makes it sound like a mental illness, even a dangerous one. And as it spread through the mass media, the transmission of information was mainly one-sided.

Fortunately, we now have things like the internet, which allows us to interact in real time, and which has facilitated access to information, the dissemination of ideas, the replication of discourses that sustain inequalities, documenting and even broadcasting in real time the magnitude of the issues.

Definitely, the most important thing is still people, but the internet is a great tool that has made it possible to connect people with the same causes, even if they are thousands of kilometres away. In this way, collectives and civil associations have emerged that work to build a world with fewer social inequalities: be it by carrying out research, disseminating information through memes but with accurate data, building houses, providing legal advice, accompanying victims of injustice or violence, the limit is still creativity and will.

We have even created an Alliance Against Inequality, where organisations and activists can join forces and increase the scope of our actions.

This January 18th, 2024

Now, as Mexicans and as part of the Fight Inequality Alliance, we have decided to participate in the global protest against inequality this coming 18th of January, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where economic and political elites from practically all over the world will meet to decide on actions that will affect millions of people.

The preparations are not few; designing materials, disseminating them on social networks, travelling hundreds of kilometres, preparing press releases, designing security protocols in case the police are sent to greet us with their clubs, inviting more people, asking for leave from work.

We know that a single march will not magically transform the world; inequality suits those who have the most, and they will use all their available resources to keep things that way. However, we believe that every effort is worth it if we can get our message across: the world can change, it can be fairer and less unequal. If you, who are reading this, have suffered from inequalities and discover that voice inside you that invites you to take action, we will have taken a step forward.

If you believe that inequality must end, we invite you to participate in the Protest #BetterThanDavos,during which there will be different cultural activities and assemblies, on January 18th from 12:00 to 5:00 pm at Plaza Imelda Virgen Av. 16 de septiembre 52, Zona Centro in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The protest is intended to bring together civil society organisations, activists and interested individuals who demand:

  1. Wealth taxes
  2. An increase in the national budget for public services.
  3. The abolishment of tax havens and tax forgiveness for billionaires.

If cannot attend in person we urge you to sign the demands at this link: and/or follow us on social media at this link:

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[5] World Inequality Lab.