By: Yvonne Ndirangu,Fight Inequality Alliance - Global

In the last 4 weeks we officially began the journey to “Remake Our Broken Economies” through building Peoples’ Alternatives. This movement has seen over 200 organisations in 28 countries already join the call which is a powerful start but we still need many more of us in this effort. The collective goal is to organise and mobilise in over 60 countries as we continue to build the real alternatives that can put us back on track towards a world with justice, dignity and equality.

The inequality gap is getting bigger and countries like mine, Kenya, we, the 99% are witnessing a huge rise in austerity measures which has led to a rise in prices of food, transport, healthcare, to name a few. In my country the government has reduced public spending leaving devastating impacts on peoples’ lives as the cost of living rises and public services remain underfunded. We see how debt repayments eat away at spending on much needed public services from health care to education. Taxes on the richest have been slashed, while the rest of us pick up the pieces. The current economic system serves the rich and fails the poor.

We must challenge both our governments  and the international financial institutions to break with the failed economic model that is hurting people and the planet. The World Bank and IMF are preparing to meet in Marrakech, Morocco in October 2023, returning to Africa after 50 years. We must be ready to deliver our demands and articulate the alternatives that people around the world have been envisioning and crafting in their daily struggles.

Sign the call to action. Let us walk together in our millions to drive real change, in 2023 and beyond. “We Have Nothing To Lose But Our Chains”. A Luta Continua!  

Yvonne Ndirangu
Fight Inequality Alliance - Global