By: Abraham Agulhas, NIMWU General Secretary

The New Independent Militant Workers Union (NIMWU) in South Africa, an affiliate of the Fighting Inequality Alliance South Africa, is pledging our support and solidarity to the movements locally and internationally against the World Economic Forum (WEF). Since inception, this forum inflicted pain to the working class poor through their devastating economic policies and practises that is consistently detrimental. Today, South Africa is on top of the list of a severely unequal society. The democratically elected government has done little to change the grossly unequal situation in South Africa. Instead, they continued the same rhythm of the colonial apartheid state. It may sound like a cliche but the fact is; the Poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

We stand in solidarity with our comrades, brothers, and sisters across the world. Because we know that it is only our united strength that can smash the Davos gangsters and the system that they uphold. We demand a better world, free of poverty, homelessness unemployment and hunger. We demand a world where the political and economic policies are based on the needs of the people and implemented as such. We know that Davos will never bring real freedom or hope to the poor. Their interest is based on trickledown economics, which have failed over and over. Their job is to protect the one percent billionaires in the world.

South Africa’s unemployment is conservatively around forty percent of the working population. This is a crisis, whilst government is dragging their feet in providing a social net through the provision of a Basic Income Grant and other social benefits. Unemployment breeds poverty and increases inequality. Our education system is in a mess. Drug abuse and crime is escalating at rapid proportion. Just to mention a few….

The system of neo-liberal capitalism has reduced our governments to puppets of imperialism and multinational power. The elite in our country is enjoying the moment with their masters in Davos whilst the poor is engulfed in a constant battle for survival. This time bomb will explode at some point in our lives. Our task is to plant the seeds of revolution.

Down with the World Economic Forum Down!
Davos must fall
Forward to an egalitarian society!
Forward to socialism!

Abraham Agulhas
NIMWU General Secretary
072 954 75 88