20 January 2020

On the United States President Donald Trump’s attendance to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Njoki Njehu, Pan-Africa Coordinator of the global Fight Inequality Alliance, said:

"Donald Trump is living proof that billionaires should be abolished. He spreads the politics of hate and greed. He has delivered huge tax cuts for his fellow billionaires. He has cut food stamps and health services for the poorest. While the world is burning and drowning because of the climate crisis, he keeps cutting climate regulations and steered the United States away from the Paris Agreement. He is a billionaire president, ruling on behalf of his billionaire friends. And now, he is attending the World Economic Forum, a meeting officially billed as 'addressing inequality and climate change'. Nothing can be more hypocritical than that.

"We need to reimagine a world where all billionaires, including Donald Trump, do not exist. Where their obscene wealth is spent on schools and hospitals, teachers and nurses, instead of being hidden in the secret bank accounts of billionaires. It is just common sense to abolish billionaires. The planet and the people cannot afford billionaires like Mr. Trump."


Media contact:

Angelica Carballo Pago, Media Officer, Fight Inequality Alliance

angelica.pago@fightinequality.org | whatsapp +63 949 889 1332