14 August 2021

The Fight Inequality Alliance is proud to announce its Festival to Fight Inequality - a digital shelter; a space for the growing anti-inequality movement to reconnect and recharge around our common struggles and solutions. The Festival takes place from 13 - 14 August 2021 and people can join to take part in Festival Sessions, plenaries, and arts and music. Individuals can register here

COVID-19 has supercharged existing inequalities: While billionaire wealth rises dramatically, austerity is imposed on health, education, and social protection systems across the world. Our challenges are many, including the ongoing climate crisis, vaccine inequality, unemployment, racism, patriarchy, hunger, and many more issues that cannot be solved in isolation. The need for systemic change is urgent but it won't come from the rich. Nor will it be possible to overcome by individual effort alone - we need each other.

Join thousands of activists worldwide that are connecting over two days in five languages to be part of this reimagining of our world and how it has to evolve. Only when people come together to demand accountability and greater equality will things change.

Together in plenaries, festival sessions, movement building spaces, skill shares, with arts and music, we can create an avalanche of protest - online and offline - to build a just, equal and sustainable future for all. Plenary speakers include Sharan Burrow from the International Trade Union Confederation, Lidy Nacpil of the The Asian Peoples' Movement on Debt and Development, Krystal Two Bulls of the LANDBACK campaign, USA, and as well as concert performances on Saturday 14 August by artists from across the world including Juliani (Kenya), PilAto, Wezi, B’Flow and Mwiza Zulu (Zambia), Soundz of the South (South Africa), Noel Cabangon (Philippines) and MC Egrosone (Chile). For more information about the Festival, please go to our website here: www.festivaltofightinequality.org.

The Festival takes place in conjunction with the Fight Inequality Alliance and over 120 partners including Oxfam, APMDD, Greenpeace International, The International Trade Union Confederation, Africans Rising, SAAPE, The Equality Trust, Civicus, Alternativas y Capacidades, and Femnet, among many others in nearly 30 countries.

Should you require further information, please contact Nikita Ramkissoon at media@fightinequality.org


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