Protests to take place with tens of thousands around the world calling for wealth taxes and an end to inequality

11 January 2022

Whilst world leaders and corporate execs convene for the Davos State of the World sessions during the week of 15 – 22nd January 2022, citizens around the world are rising up as part of the Fight Inequality Alliance for the Global Protest to Fight Inequality. They are calling for a People’s Recovery Plan and for an end to spiralling inequality crippling our societies.

From Nepal to Zambia to Mexico and far beyond, communities and activists across the world will be joining forces against the billionaires and powerful elites demanding a wealth tax and a People’s Recovery to Covid-19.

Fight Inequality Alliance is a growing global movement organising to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite. We are building a just, equal and sustainable world. We unite a wide range of social movements, grassroots and community based organisations, civil society organisations, trade unions, artists and individual activists from across the world.

Some of the planned protest activities around the world are:

  1. Zambia   21 January
                   Equality March and Festival
  2. Mexico   21 January
                  Cycling tour vs Inequality in Reforma Avenue
                  Starting in Aragón La Villa, CDMX and finishing at Campo Marte (Polanco,    Chapultepec, CDMX).  
  3. Nepal     20 - 21 January 
                  Public demonstrations in Kathmandu
                  Public events in provinces - Cities/Dates TBC
                  Geeta Pandey


Jenny Ricks, Global Convenor at Fight Inequality Alliance said: “We have reached a critical juncture in the pandemic with multiple crises from vaccine inequality to climate breakdown and a disturbing erosion of our democracies and right to protest. Governments and powerful institutions are now making vital recovery plans yet risk creating a two-tier recovery for rich and poor countries that only worsens inequality.

“Solutions don’t lie with the Davos elites - we have a rare chance to create an economy that works for more than the 1%. That’s why citizens around the world across the Fight Inequality Alliance are rising up and calling for a People’s Recovery Plan and a wealth tax on the richest in society.”


For more information, a full list of global protest activities and to interview Jenny Ricks, Global Convenor at Fight Inequality Alliance, please contact Asha Tharoor on +44 07813 688680  or you can email