28 November 2019

Global Protest Vs Inequality Announced As Elites Gather In Davos In January 2020

Activists across the world will mobilise from January 18-25, 2020 as the Fight Inequality Alliance announces the Global Protest to #FightInequality. They will start the next decade by calling for an end to the ‘age of greed’.

The global protest will happen as people around the world, particularly in Chile, Ecuador, Lebanon, France, Haiti, among many others are taking to the streets against inequality. Coinciding with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the global protest will be a direct jab to the elite’s arrogance and greed. 

“People are joining together to tackle the problem by its roots, and that is inequality. This January, we will start the decade by calling out the elites in Davos who exploit us, and the governments who are failing us,” said Jenny Ricks, global convenor for Fight Inequality Alliance. “In a just and fair economic system, billionaires would not exist. Now must be the decade of the 99%.”

Organisers expect mobilisations to take place in over 30 countries, including the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Zambia, Kenya, India, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, South Africa, and Mexico. The January protest will see diverse movements joining together that are rising up against the root causes of inequality to call for climate justice, strengthening of workers’ rights and living minimum wages, upholding democracy, taxing the rich, LGBTQIA + rights, gender equality and economic justice.

Levels of inequality within and between countries have been rising. The neoliberal economic system has enabled an explosion in the concentration of wealth and power in our societies: 26 individuals now hold the same wealth as the 3.8 billion poorest people.[1] Interconnected and systemic forms of oppression and inequity shape the daily realities of the majority of the world’s population. 

“Davos is a parade of rich people feigning concern for the poor while protecting their own interests. They continue to perpetuate the neoliberal system that enriches them while people and the planet are pushed to breaking point,” Ricks said. “The solutions to inequality are coming from people who are experiencing it every day - not Davos.”

Notes to the editor:
[1] Oxfam International. Public Good or Private Wealth.

Media contact:
Angelica Carballo Pago, Media Officer, Fight Inequality Alliance
angelica.pago@fightinequality.org | +63 949 889 1332