11 June 2024


In recent years voices, evidence and alternatives to societies of grotesque inequalities have grown around the world, to fight the root causes of the multiple crises we face today. A growing number of people are organising and mobilising around the world to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite. Now it is time to bring together thinkers, activists and communities to co-create the systemic change we urgently need. FIA opens the invitation to be part of the first global assembly to power the movement we are building together.

What is it?

FIA is calling to organise every year, from 2024 on, the largest gathering for the global movement to fight inequality, bringing together leading voices, organisations, and community leaders from around the world standing in the frontlines of inequality in order to:

  1. Learn from diverse experiences and perspectives
  2. Energise and inspire the movement
  3. Build collective power through mobilising
  4. Set a common pathway to work together and change the economic model to one that is built from equality, dignity, justice and sustainability for all people and planet.

Frequent Q&A

See our Q&A section for more details and information on the event and the process to fight for alternative

Who is collaborating ?

This event is designed and produced in collaboration with: Oxfam, Greenpeace, AWID, APMDD, ITUC, Christian Aid, Civicus, Tax Justice Network-Africa, Akina Mama wa Afrika, and AFRODAD.

Where is it?

University of The Philippines Diliman, Ang Bahay ng Alumni. M358+4JG, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Registration closes on 31 July 2024

Why now?

This movement is at a turning point. Around the world inequalities of power, wealth, gender, race, class, caste and identity are increasing with devastating consequences for all but the very richest. This is the biggest election year in history and far-right extremists, who do not believe in climate change, women's rights or democratic freedoms, are seeking to achieve more power.

This is a rallying call for our movement, to achieve the change we seek we need to scale-up over the coming decade to become the biggest movement yet challenging the power of the 1 percent.

The current economic and political system is bringing people and the planet close to collapse. Multiple crises are deepenings and we have reached a turning point where the window of opportunity to change the system is closing. We need to act now and we need to act together to bring systemic change.

Who will be there?

A wide range of social movements, civil society organisations, trade unions, artists, human rights defenders, young and diverse leaderships, community based organisations, academics, activists and leading voices from across the world, sharing visions and purpose to fight the structural causes of inequality together.

Registration closes on 31 July 2024

Why should I come?

The movement needs everyone and we all need a strong movement to fight back. In this Global Assembly your voice needs to be listened to and added to others to send a strong message: A Future of Alternatives is coming to bring systemic change. Get inspired, get engaged, get people's power moving together.