23 June 2023

Jenny Ricks, Global Convenor at Fight Inequality Alliance said:

Macron's Summit has ended with a whimper not a bang with more tinkering around the edges on climate finance and the global financial system. People want their leaders to act and not just talk. Good intentions and high-level meetings will have zero impact without real action to make those responsible for the climate crisis pay for the damages.  We don’t need any more summits to repackage the same old policies that have led us into this mess.

"People who have been on the receiving end of the climate crisis already have the answers . It’s time that political leaders listened and acted on People’s Alternatives.

"People want polluters to pay, they want rich governments to contribute to the loss and damage fund and rich individuals and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. People want a just energy transition, debts cancelled not just "paused" and people want to stop the greed of a few destroying our planet . These are the solutions that will make a difference."

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