The World Economic Forum convenes in Davos from 22 - 26 May

20 May 2022

The World Economic Forum convenes in Davos from 22 - 26 May

Statement from the Fight Inequality Alliance

Spokespeople available for comment. Jenny Ricks, Global Convenor of Fight Inequality Alliance said:

“Private jets are once again polluting the mountain air of Davos as world elites gather to unironically discuss ‘solutions’ to climate change and inequality. Back for a first face to face meeting since Covid-19, the World Economic Forum’s only use is to starkly remind us how much more unequal the world has become. Billionaire wealth has boomed during the pandemic, whilst hundreds of millions of people face poverty, unemployment and climate breakdown. 

“Faced with an inequality emergency, people are painfully aware that winners such as Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, attending Davos, who received a $24.3million bumper pay day last year are not interested in the systemic changes needed to tackle such gross inequality. 

“Around the world the pandemic has seen inequality skyrocket. South Africa’s top billionaire Nicky Oppenheimer owns a staggering 37 times more than the entire bottom 50% of South Africans. Mexico’s richest billionaire Carlos Slim owns almost the same wealth as the bottom 50% of Mexican society. The five richest billionaires in the UK have the same amount of wealth as the bottom 40% of British society. 

“With the fall-out from the Ukraine war piling the pressure on global food supplies – it’s clear that our systems are on life support. But leaders’ increasingly out of touch policies that serve the rich and powerful jar with what for many, is a matter of survival. No-one is looking to the ski slopes of Davos for the solutions - it is people on the frontlines of inequality who have the answers.

“Among them are higher taxes on the richest individuals and corporations who have made a killing during the pandemic, jobs and fair wages, the end to the monopoly power and stranglehold on politics that the Davos set represents. That’s the message thousands will be shouting in protests around the world from Kenya to South Africa, to the UK to Switzerland itself next week. People are putting their governments on notice it is time to #TaxTheRich.


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