13 January 2023

The World Economic Forum meets in Davos from 16th - 20th January. Fight Inequality Alliance is expecting protest actions in 30 countries around the world from 14th -21st January as part of the Global Protest to Fight Inequality, calling on governments to tax the rich. Spokespeople are available for comment.

Jenny Ricks, Global Convenor of Fight Inequality Alliance said:

“The Davos jet-set are once again taking in some rarified Swiss mountain air whilst they claim to ‘fix a fractured world’. Meanwhile back down on earth, the crises of scandalous inequality and the climate emergency needs radical action not champagne and caviar. The World Economic Forum’s only function is to remind us how unequal the world is.

“From the UK to Mexico, South Africa to Pakistan and Ecuador to Kenya, people have had enough of their lives being blighted by this relentless greed. We are being pushed beyond breaking point. As billionaire wealth reaches new heights, ordinary people who are working, caring and endlessly contributing to society are struggling to even put food on the table. Is it surprising that so many of us are now taking action to demand the changes we need by withdrawing our labour in strike action or making our voices heard on the streets?

“Our political leaders can no longer ignore the mood of the masses. The clamour to tackle such gross inequality is now growing and governments have the power to shift the burden from the backs of the many to the broad shoulders of the privileged few. Wealth taxes, universal public services, jobs and fair wages would be a good place to start.”

To arrange interviews with Jenny Ricks and global spokespeople contact Asha Tharoor on asha@ashatharoor.com or 07813688680


Notes to Editors

  1. Fight Inequality Alliance is a growing global movement organising to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite. We are building a just, equal and sustainable world. We unite a wide range of social movements, grassroots and community-based organisations, civil society organisations, trade unions, artists and individual activists from across the world.
  2. For more details on the Global Protest to Fight Inequality, 14-21 January go to www.fightinequality.org