5 September 2023

As calls for wealth taxes grow louder, the G20 must listen to Peoples' Alternatives.

Jenny Ricks, Global Convenor of Fight Inequality Alliance said:

“The G20 is meeting at a critical time with world poverty on the rise and people, already struggling with crushing levels of inequality, dealt further blows from the impacts of spiralling inflation and austerity – it’s time for leaders to act. Wealth taxes on the richest would be a first step.

“With the news that in the last decade billionaire wealth has more than doubled, this is yet another red flag that the system is broken and increasingly working against people across the world who are living very different lives. The G20 has shown no signs of wanting to create the equal future that their citizens are demanding. Instead, as one global crisis after another unfolds from energy prices to the tightening cost of living, decisions made from their ivory tower only serve the elite few.

“What we need now are Peoples’ Alternatives for the real solutions to fix the multiple crises we’re in. Only by listening to the needs of communities and looking to the people for the answers, who know from bitter experience what must change, can we co-create a different future. After decades of living at the sharp end of policies driving inequality enough is enough.”