24 January 2020

As the World Economic Forum in Davos draws to a close, Njoki Njehu, Pan Africa Coordinator of Fight Inequality Alliance, said:

The World Economic Forum has once again proved that it will never be on the right side of history. 

I was personally horrified that the Chairman of WEF congratulated President Trump - a billionaire who has presided over tax cuts for the richest while stoking racism and locking migrant children in cages - for creating “better inclusiveness for the American people”. Does anything signify how out of touch the elites have become from a shred of human dignity?

While the billionaires in WEF have been busy ‘solving inequality’ over champagne and cigars, people are on the streets in over thirty countries calling for an end to inequality and for radical change. The solutions to inequality lie with them. 

We cannot survive while billionaires suck us all dry of our dignity. I do thank the billionaires in Davos for one thing though: for reminding me that they can never be trusted. That they are the problem. I go back to Nairobi surer than ever in the belief that for there to be any hope for humanity, now is the time to abolish this corrupt class that has caused too much harm for all of us. It is time to abolish billionaires.


Media contact:

Angelica Carballo Pago, Media Officer, Fight Inequality Alliance

angelica.pago@fightinequality.org | whatsapp +63 949 889 1332