The World Bank and IMF will meet in Marrakech, Morocco on African soil for the first time in over 50 years in October. A powerful movement is building for a more radical approach.

What Is The Problem?

Across the world, Governments and International Financial Institutions continue to follow an economic model that has consistently supported the rich and failed the poor for the last 50 years. Reduced public spending has left devastating impacts on people’s lives as the cost of living rises, public services are underfunded. Women and the most marginalised are most impacted, with increasing care work and removing them from paid work, widening the gender gap. Also, debt repayments are prioritised over the rights and needs of ordinary people.

Who Is Responsible?

Governments across the world have slashed the taxes on the richest over the last forty years. The rich and large corporations use multiple ways to avoid paying taxes by hiding them in tax havens and using loopholes in the tax system. The world’s 5th richest man, Warren Buffet famously said he is paying a lower tax rate than his secretary. What happens when those with money like Buffet pay less? The tax burden is shifted upon the rest of us by increasing taxes on goods and services, such as VAT. This system is designed to reward the richest at the cost of wellbeing for all.

Who Are We?

We are a wide range of activists, artists, social movements, unions and civil society organisations mobilising people around the world this year and beyond to claim our stake in remaking our broken economy. We are calling on Governments and International Financial Institutions like the IMF and World Bank to cease the economic model that has been driving the inequality crisis by slashing the taxes on the rich, imposing austerity, underfunding public services and pushing countries into a debt trap.

What Do We Demand?

We are calling on ALL Governments and International Financial Institutions like the IMF and World Bank to listen to the people and cease the economic system that has been driving the inequality crisis. As first steps, this will include:

  1. Introducing higher taxes on the rich
  2. Funding public services such as education, health and water abundantly
  3. Cancelling sovereign debt
  4. Abolishing tax havens and tax dodging by corporations and the rich
  5. Putting the international institutions who uphold the current economic system to a People’s Tribunal

What Will Our Actions Be?

Through a series of mass actions this year across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Global North, debate and solutions will be fostered amongst people in their millions in person, on social media and through traditional media. People’s Caravans will move across countries holding popular education sessions and local discussions, People’s Assemblies will be held at sub-national and national level. People’s stories and demands will be heard at People’s Tribunals, where the current system, including the role of the World Bank and the IMF will be scrutinised.Through mass scale political education, organising and mobilising in over 60 countries, we can insist that we are writing a new chapter to define the next economic system.

Inequality Is Worsening

The cracks in the current system are growing bigger day by day. With multiple crises making daily life harder and harder for people on the frontlines of inequality in so many ways, we are already witnessing a shift towards a people’s economy. Protesters on the streets in France, Sri Lanka, Perú, Ecuador and many more places are saying “ enough is enough”.  They are demanding Governments stop serving the rich.

Change Is Happening

We are beginning to see changes that start shifting power at national and global levels. Efforts from African civil society have resulted in the adoption of the UN Tax Convention in November 2022. The Convention will be a watershed moment and would give low-and middle-income countries the power over global tax affairs which are currently dominated by the rich countries. We also draw inspiration from countries in Latin America such as Peru and Colombia who are making political choices to bolster public services by implementing progressive taxation policies and saying no to reduced public spending. Costa Rica increased its top tax rates, and Bolivia and Argentina introduced wealth and solidarity taxes, respectively, on their richest citizens.

Only Together Can We Succeed

A new economic system in our countries and globally is emerging through people’s demanding alternatives and pushing for a break with the current system. We are all part of this wider shift. As a next step in this journey, African movements, alliances, organisations, artists, activists and academics want to use the first meeting of the IMF and World Bank on African soil since 1973 in Marrakech, Morocco in October 2023 to force open a global conversation about the economy that people and the planet want and need. All of us fighting on the frontlines of inequality across Asia, Latin America and in the Global North are all invited to join in this shared struggle.
By joining and organising together, the stories of the people on the frontlines of inequality and our cries for justice, dignity and equality will be heard and felt on a global scale.  Join us!

Sign the call to action and join activists,
artists, organisations and collectives
worldwide to take action together this year.

Read the call to action here


Supporting Organisations

African Mind Empowerment Foundation Akina Mama wa Africa All Nepal Peasants Federation Bottom Up Censodev Climate Justice Coalition Colectivo Atemaxaque Compañeros en Salud MÉXICO CUTS International Daughters of mumbi resource centre Debt Justice Dzuka Cholinga Youth Zambia East African Tax and Governance Network (EATGN) Econews Africa Epworth Residents Development Association Gendes Global Alliance For Tax Justice Global Justice Now Green Institute Kiambu County Disability Network Nelson Mandela Community Youth Oxfam Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum Poverty Reduction Forum Trust Red de Justicia Fiscal de América Latina y El Caribe Social Justice Centers Working Group Tana citizen forum Tariro Foundation of Zimbabwe Trust Tax Justice Network Africa TECHO Mexico Tribeless Youth Voces Mesoamericanas, Accion con Pueblos Migrantes A.C Wote Youth Youth Arise Zambia Youth Development Initiative Trust Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association Zimcodd Zivanai Community Empowerment Trust