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Whilst Indonesia is seeking to portray an image of hosting a successful G20 Summit, it has disturbingly come at a cost for civil society as they face intimidation, harassment, restrictions on freedom of movement, and even violence. These incidents of halting and blocking civil society activities is disgraceful and reveals the lack of commitment by the Indonesia government to human rights and civic space as civil society voices are silenced and sidelined.

Ahead the summit tomorrow, we call on progressive G20 leaders to speak up for the protection of human rights, ensure that the voices of civil society are included and call on Indonesia to adhere to human rights law and standards around freedom of expression and assembly.

The G20 continues to cling to the same neoliberal solutions to the inequality crisis – but it’s not working for people or the planet. It is time to change course. The real leadership for how our biggest challenges can be overcome is coming from the voices the Indonesian government does not want heard this week – people at the frontlines of inequality.